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Cynthia Olsen’s book, Looking Up: Seven Steps for a Healthy & Youthful Midlife and Beyond is part resource and part personal testimony. It very effectively tells a story of someone who recognized at a young age, the importance of the mind-body-spirit connection. The insights she shares about her ancestors health gives the reader motivation to know that we need not be inheritors of poor eating habits, and diseased bodies and spirits. We are in charge of our own experience.

This book is highly recommended for anyone who is seeking change and improving their habits for a fulfilling life at any age. There is some great advice, especially for Baby Boomers in this publication.

Sue Leonard, Founder and Owner of Cornerstone Fulfillment Service, LLC

Without a doubt, Looking Up is the best holistic health book I have read in 2012. A valuable resource for anyone looking to achieve optimal health.

Laura Powers, Artist/Educator

Looking Up is a wonderful title for a GREAT way to live your life. Simple solutions to connect to yourself and live healthily.

Mariel Hemingway

"Looking Up: Seven Steps for a Healthy & Youthful Midlife and Beyond" is filled with information that we all should know. Cynthia has shared her wisdom on health, vitality and living well in this comprehensive and easy to understand book. This book is a must-read. If you feel as though you already lead a healthy lifestyle, you’ll learn something new, and if you are just beginning down a path towards wellness, pick up this book, you’ll find it to be a wonderful guide!

Susan Engle, MSOM, LAc

Looking Up is a resource guide for the habits of those in search of a rich life. It helped me take all of the learning of many great books and synthesize it into one book. The information in the book shares the" secrets" to be the most vibrant and joyful person you can be. As a former public educator and a present day reflexologist, I believe what Cynthia says, "share life's experiences in health and mindfulness which are guideposts for everyday living."

Theresa Carullo, Reflexologist

When she chose the title, LOOKING UP, author Cynthia Olsen captured the essence of her book perfectly. As she states in the first chapter, much of what it takes to have a healthy body even as we age, is a forward-thinking and upward-climbing attitude. Always be positive, always strive to improve, and always treat yourself right. This book is filled with great advice on how to do those things, by someone who has done it and is happy to share. Her bottom line is simple but profound: Live now, and love yourself.

Jim Barnes, Awards Director, Independent Publisher Book Awards

Looking Up is Great Advice

Holistic Living is not just for those Edgy New Age folks. It is an easy healthy approach to a better life for anyone at any age.

Looking Up: Seven Steps for a Healthy and Youthful Midlife and Beyond, by Cynthia Olsen, is just that—an easy approach. Cynthia's philosophy? "The time to adopt a healthier lifestyle is always now. Physical activity balanced with a sharp mind and a peaceful nature, plus nutritious food, loving people, and arts and music surrounding you—these are the secrets to being the most vibrant and joyful person you can be, whether you are 50,60, or 100."

The seven steps cover Mind and Attitude, Body, Nutrition, Supplements, Skin, Finances, and Live Now, Not Your Age. In an easy to read outline of life format, Cynthia takes you through her seven steps with stories of her own experience, practical facts, information, check point lists, photos and inspirational quotes.

You will enjoy the process from page one. and will find yourself highlighting and margin noting along the way. The book is small enough to tuck in your bag or brief case, and you will want to refer to it frequently.

The time to adopt a healthier lifestyle is now, so pick up a copy today and start looking up.

Deb Austin, Assistant Editor, 50+ News and Views

I just finished reading Looking up, seven steps...and with all the information available out there on this subject I have never come across a book that is not only an easy read but also provides as an excellent resource to go back time and time and again. I feel it makes this book, unlike many others, not only valuable but practical to application as well. I learned a lot and will no doubt utilize the knowledge it holds as well as probably have to go back thru it to be reminded. Thanks!

Courtney F

One can easily feel the author’s authenticity and passion for living a full life. “Looking Up” is clearly a labor of love, acceptance of what is, and is packed full of information to help others. I particularly liked the “paybacks.”

NL, Southern CA

I think your book is GREAT... so much good information in an excellent format. I am going to get copies for my brother and for my niece (who has applied to MED school.)

Sally Field

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