Kali Tea Tree Oil

Kali Tea Tree Oil 1 oz.
Kali Tea Tree Oil 1/3 oz.
"I have found in my own personal experience that the tea tree oil is a fantastic curative for most any kind of dermatological problems including nasal ulcer, athlete’s foot, and rashes of any kind."
William L Mayo, PhD., President American Society for Environmental Education
I think tea tree oil is a great resource for Australia. Australia has a real treasure there; particularly in this century in which we’re living, where there’s a renewed outbreak of infectious diseases and pollution."
Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris, France. Paul Belaiche, chief of Phytotherapy

First aid Kit in a Bottle
100% Pure Melaleuca alternifolia

1/3 oz (10 ml) and 1 oz (30 ml) bottle with dropper

1/3 oz $7.95
1 oz $12.95

  • 100% pure eco-grown
  • Amber bottles protect the integrity and essence
  • Superior pharmaceutical grade
  • Euro-dropper allows neat, controlled dispensing of the oil