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Award-winning book shares seven steps to a happier, healthier, more youthful lifestyle

May 29, 2012

Looking Up: Seven Steps for a Healthy & Youthful Midlife and Beyond combines author's personal stories with significant research and resources to enable optimal physical, spiritual, and emotional growth and fulfillment

"I have thought for much of my life that health is far more important than life itself. There are many approaches to living the healthy life but the key is DOING the essentials. Those seven essentials are clearly described in Looking Up: Seven Steps for a Healthy & Youthful Midlife and Beyond. Now your only need is to DO THEM!"
 — C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., author of over 500 articles and 28 books

The Baby Boomers may be retiring in droves, but times remain tough financially and otherwise. Worldwide, depression, drug use, obesity, and illness are on the rise. Yet even in these challenging times, it’s possible to deliberately embrace a lifestyle that results in increased happiness, optimal health, and genuine peace.

In her award-winning book Looking Up: Seven Steps for a Healthy & Youthful Midlife and Beyond, Cynthia Olsen shares her significant life experiences that led her to seek optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health as well as the seven specific steps readers can take to achieve the same life- and health-affirming changes. They include:

Step One: Cultivate a healthy mind and attitude

Step Two: Improve your body through exercise

Step Three: Eat the right foods

Step Four: Decide which supplements benefit your health

Step Five: Keep your skin young and healthy

Step Six: Take charge of your finances and understand health care options

Step Seven: Discover the best and most fulfilling ways to live your life

Each section offers a comprehensive summary of options for achieving the specific step sprinkled with Cynthia’s keen insights and experiences. Cynthia comments, “I have witnessed many friends and family suffer from ill health. I wrote this book to connect with those who are suffering from illnesses and seeking more vibrancy and youthfulness and to spark the entire being and feed the soul.”

For her efforts, Looking Up received the 2012 Gold Medal in the Health/Medicine/Nutrition category from the Independent Publisher (IPPY)

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Author: Cynthia Olsen is the pen name for Cynthia Bellini. Under her pen name, Cynthia has authored and published books on natural health since 1989. Her book Essiac: A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy received the Small Press Book Award in Medicine. In addition to her role as mother to her five children and her role as Nonna for her eight grandchildren, Cynthia is a lifelong supporter and exponent of holistic living.