Essiac Herbals Tincture

Kali Essiac Herbals Tincture
"I have been using Essiac for both myself and clients for 4 years and have found that it not only has positive results with some cancers, but also as an overall detoxifier tonic for other conditions, to maintain health, stimulate immune responses and prevent illnesses. It seems to help the body eliminate toxic materials as well."

2 oz. bottle with dropper


ESSIAC HERBALS™ contains the Essiac herbs in a concentrated form. Putting a small amount of this tincture in water or juice makes the equivalent of a cup of Essiac tea. This convenient and effective product is an excellent way to maintain a regular routine of taking Essiac whether it is for the purpose of managing an illness or as a preventative health measure to strengthen the immune system. ESSIAC HERBALS™ is an effective restorative tonic for degenerative diseases.

Herbal ingredients extracted in an alcohol base.

Sheep Sorrel - Organic
Turkey Rhubarb - Wildcrafted
Slippery Elm - Organic
Burdock Root - Organic when available
Burdock Root - Wildcrafted

  • Requires No Refrigeration
  • Indefinite Shelf Life
  • Pleasant Taste
  • Purifies Blood
  • Boosts immune System
  • Tonifies Organs
  • Promotes Vital Health

Recommended Dosage

Take 10-15 drops in 2- 4 oz. of purified water (hot or cold) 2-3 times per day on an empty stomach.